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We aim to feature a curated selection of the best pieces from both emerging and established artists and designers from mozambique. We carefully select all artworks featured in our page so that they are of the upmost quality.

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About us

Moz Gallery is a Mozambican online art gallery, a project from Liah Art3 Corporation,from artists to artists, founded in 2020, which aims to promote and expose Mozambican artand culture to the world by highlighting Mozambican artists. In the gallery we have exhibited several categories of artwork such as paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, textile and digital art and others.


Our vision is to become an innovative and creative centre for Mozambican artists as a whole and to raise awareness of the Mozambican art and culture.


Our mission is to identify talented individuals and provide them with growth opportunities in the world of arts as a way of giving inspiration and a network to each artist.


Our aim is to turn art into a true and consistent source of living in Mozambique and allow Mozambican artists to share their art and inspiration with the world.