Ensinaste-me Uma linguagem Secreta, Agora Não Sei Falar Nada Além Dela

Aline Nobre
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Ensinaste-me Uma linguagem Secreta, Agora Não Sei Falar Nada Além Dela
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Aline Nobre

Aline Nobre is a Mozambican artist, painter, sculptor and artisan, born in Maputo, Mozambique in 1996.

Aline has a degree in Accounting and Auditing from the Polytechnic University of Mozambique.

She started painting after finishing university in 2018, after an extremely traumatic experience that served as a portal for her reunion with art.

Aline descended from a family of artisans of Sena and Podzo origin. She explores various painting techniques, currently working more with an acrylic paint and with a paint of her own making, which led her in 2020 to create her line of earrings and clay jewelry called M'bhemba Divine.

Aline introduces herself as an Artivist, (artist and activist) because, in addition to her art being synonymous with freedom, spirituality and therapy, she also practices activism through her art, portraying different concepts to incite and instigate conversations about the state of society, having been a prominent figure in some events that address issues of gender equality, rethinking gender and women's empowerment through self-knowledge and questioning the functioning of the system around us as a whole.

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Aline Nobre

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