Collage I

Dario Manjate
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Collage I
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Dario Manjate

Dario Paulino Manjate was born in 1972, in Mozambique. From an early age, he was interested in painting and drawing.

In 1993, Manjate moved to Alexandra Township in South Africa and there he fully embraced his love of art and decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. Soon afterward, he met and worked with Mr. Steve Mavusu, who was an art teacher at the Thenong Youth Center, a very important local institution. Under Mr. Mavusu's guidance, Manjate honed his artistic skills in many different mediums, from oil on watercolor and acrylic to collage, the medium for which he is known today.

In 1998, the artist was assigned to the Artists Proof Studio to hone his skills by studying printmaking techniques.

In 2000, Manjate co-founded D&J Art Studio and Gallery, along with artist Jemmiro.

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Dario Manjate

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