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Nália Agostinho
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Story tellers
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Nália Agostinho

Nália das Dores R.J. Agostinho is a Mozambican Plastic Artist, born in  1990, in the Maputo Province.

She is a Political Scientist trained in Marketing professionally.

She spent her childhood and youth in the neighboorhoods of Polana and Chamanculo in Mozambique, and lived in Trento-Italy for almost 8 years, where she studied and graduated in Political Sciences.

Her love for art started during her childhood. She was encouraged by her late father, who was a lover of arts and music.

Nália attended the National School of Music, having completed her certification in December 2006. In 2017, she decided to professionally start painting as a means of expression and decided to embrace it with immense love. Her line of inspiration and expression are portraits, nudes and abstracts that are mostly feminine semi-acrylic.

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Nália Agostinho

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